Waste Collection Twickenham - It’s not Waste until it’s Wasted

Twickenham is one of the most populated cities in England. It's a bustling neighborhood with several historical landmarks such as York House, Marble Hill, and Strawberry Hill House. Because of high population and constant industrial activity, developed areas are more prone to be polluted. Who doesn't prefer clean, green surroundings for a pleasant working and living environment? Most probably, everyone.

The most obvious benefit of waste management is that it inevitably results in a clean and green environment.

Reasons to Avoid Insanitary Environment

When you wake up and step towards your window you probably don’t prefer roads covered in overflowing drains and dustbins, right! To have a soothing vision, you will expect clean roads and symmetrical drains. In your hectic schedule, we don’t expect you to clean everything by yourself and cover your hands with dirt. However, for waste management purposes, we suggest you seek assistance.

But what exactly is Waste Management? It is a method used to gather waste in a timely and cost-effective manner and transport it to a disposal or treatment facility which aids in efficient recycling and protects the environment from degradation. Proper waste collection and management minimize the emission of greenhouse gases such as

  • Carbon Dioxide,

  • Nitrous Oxide, and

  • Chlorofluorocarbons

that results in global climate change.

Methods of Waste Disposal

Waste disposal has been a cause of worry, with population growth and industrialization being the primary causes. Here are some waste disposal strategies;

  • Landfills: Most commonly used method of waste disposal focuses on dumping waste in the ground.

  • Recycling: Transforms waste items into new products in order to reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources. It minimises the volume of landfills, air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Incineration: The waste material is subjected to extremely high temperatures, eventually converting them into residues and gaseous products.

  • Composting: Simple and natural bio-degradation process that converts organic wastes, such as plant remnants, garden and kitchen waste, into nutrient-rich fertiliser for plants.


As you can see, there are a number of significant things that you should know about waste management and disposal in order to keep yourself and the environment safe. While it may not be pretty apparent, your choice leads to a better world and a safer environment.

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